Teaching Tools & Services

Digital Learning

Digital Learning Services provides a wide range of services in support teaching and learning, including the design, development, and production of digital strategies, activities, and content.

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Ally for bCourses & Accessible Course Content

Training and support for creating accessible materials and using Ally within bCourses.

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Course Content Accessibility

Support, guidance, and tools are available to help faculty ensure that their course content is accessible to all students.

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Clickers (also known as classroom response systems) are devices that can be used to gather real-time feedback during class sessions.

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Library workshops

Check out the library workshops calendar for student and faculty learning opportunities related to library databases, citation management, digital scholarship tools, information evaluation, and more.

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Library Class Instruction

The Library always welcomes faculty and other classroom instructors to request library instruction tailored to their courses and assignments.

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Lynda.com Online Trainings

Students have free access to thousands of courses and online videos covering software, technology, and more from Lynda.com. You can link to Lynda videos in your bCourses!

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Access online trainings: Lynda.com portal

Course Readings & Media

The Library can help teachers find, create and include accessible content for bCourses.

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Library Instruction and Research Assignment Design

Librarians are available to help teach students to find relevant information, understand scholarly sources, and think critically about information.

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DIY Media

Facilities enabling Berkeley instructors to create media content for online lectures, flipped classroom activities, blended learning materials, tutorial videos and more.

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