Teaching Tools & Services

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations at Berkeley offers departments the opportunity to coordinate course evaluations through an online system with easy management and reporting. This common-good tool is available to departments who have opted into the service.

More info: ETS website

Consultations and support: Email

Streaming Video

The Library has several tools to assist instructors with selecting videos, using clips, and making media accessible to students outside of class. 

More info: Library guide to video streaming and clipping for instructors and students

Consultations: Email


Gradescope is a suite of online tools designed to make grading faster, easier, and more consistent. It can also reveal valuable statistics about student work.

More info: ETS website

Consultations and support: Email

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity services at Berkeley provides students and instructors tools to review documents for originality via Turnitin and iThenticate.

More info: Academic Integrity

Online Help: Berkeley Service Help


Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS).

More info: bCourses Website

Online Help: bCourses Help

Consultations: AIS Consultation Calendar