Digital Learning

Digital Learning Services provides consultations and support for the design, development, and production of digital learning strategies, activities, and content.

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Course Readings & Media

The Library can help teachers find, create and include accessible content for bCourses.

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Library Instruction and Research Assignment Design

Librarians are available to help teach students to find relevant information, understand scholarly sources, and think critically about information.

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Digital Literacy

Through its Level Up Initiative, the Library offers tools and resources to support digital literacy, including workshops, tutorials, online videos, and more.

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Digital Pedagogy

Learn to leverage technology to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning in your course(s). 

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Active Learning

Active learning refers to an interactive style of teaching that engages students in reading, writing, talking, listening, and reflecting—often in specially designed, customizable classrooms.

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Workshops on Pedagogical Topics

CTL consultants deliver and facilitate workshops for faculty groups across campus on a variety of teaching and learning topics.

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Digital Humanities Consulting

Consulting services supporting DH projects.

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Pedagogical Consultations

The CTL provides consulting services for faculty on all aspects of course design, teaching, and evaluating student learning.

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