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You can find support through the AIS for a wide variety of services provided by Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) as well as a range of campus service providers. Below is a list of services with basic information on how to get support and learn more.

If you're not sure which service suits you, try our "Where Can I Get Help With...?" page, or reach out to us at for help.

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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity services at Berkeley provides students and instructors tools to review documents for originality via Turnitin and iThenticate.

More info: Academic Integrity

Online Help: Berkeley Service Help

Active Learning

Active learning refers to an interactive style of teaching that engages students in reading, writing, talking, listening, and reflecting—often in specially designed, customizable classrooms.

More info: Active Learning at Berkeley

Consultations: Email

AEoD Virtual Desktop

Berkeley Research Computing's Analytics Environments on-Demand (AEoD) service is designed for researchers who need to run analytic software packages (such as ArcGIS, Stata, SPSS, R Studio, etc.) on a platform that is scaled up from a standard laptop or workstation, in a Windows-based environment.

More info: Research IT website

Consultations: Email 

Ally for bCourses & Accessible Course Content

Training and support for creating accessible materials and using Ally within bCourses.

More info: Website

Schedule a consultation or attend a workshop.


Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS).

More info: bCourses Website

Online Help: bCourses Help

Consultations: AIS Consultation Calendar

Berkeley Video

Berkeley Video offers campus professional video production services, with a focus on telling the Berkeley story at all levels.

More info: Berkeley Video Website

Consultations: Email

Classroom Technology Services

General Assignment (GA) classroom AV support team providing on-call help, and GA technology orientations and consultations.

More info: CTS

Online Help: CTS Help

Consultations: Request Form


Clickers (also known as classroom response systems) are devices that can be used to gather real-time feedback during class sessions.

More info: ETS Clickers page 

Online help: Clickers Help Pages

Consultations: AIS Consultation Calendar

Cloud Computing Support

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Cloud Computing Support program offers consulting assistance, documentation, and tools to help faculty and other campus researchers obtain access to and effectively use cloud computing resources.

More info: Research IT website

Consultations: Email

Course Content Accessibility

Support, guidance, and tools are available to help faculty ensure that their course content is accessible to all students. 

More info: Access content website and Introduction to Course Accessibility

Support: Email

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations at Berkeley offers departments the opportunity to coordinate course evaluations through an online system with easy management and reporting. This common-good tool is available to departments who have opted into the service.

More info: ETS website

Consultations and support: Email

Course Readings & Media

The Library can help teachers find, create and include accessible content for bCourses.

More info: Readings in bcourses

Data Management Plans

A data management plan is a document, required by many federal and grant agencies, that describes how you will care for data over the lifecycle of your research. Consultants are available to help guide you through the plan writing process.

More info: RDM website

Consultations: Email

Digital Humanities Consulting

Consulting services supporting DH projects.

More info: DH Website

Consultations: Email

Digital Humanities Course Support

Support for DH courses.

More info: DH Website

Consultations: Email

Digital Learning

Digital Learning Services provides a wide range of services in support teaching and learning, including the design, development, and production of digital strategies, activities, and content.

More info: Website

Digital Literacy

Through its Level Up Initiative, the Library offers tools and resources to support digital literacy, including workshops, tutorials, online videos, and more.

More info: Library Level Up website

Consultations: Email

Digital Pedagogy

Learn to leverage technology to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning in your course(s). 

More info: Digital Pedagogy Fellows Program website

Consultations: Email

DIY Media

Facilities enabling Berkeley instructors to create media content for online lectures, flipped classroom activities, blended learning materials, tutorial videos and more.

More info: DIY Media Website

Consultations: AIS Consultation Calendar

Equipment Checkout

Instructional equipment checkout provides instructors with additional technology beyond the standard equipment in General Assignment and department classrooms across Berkeley.

More info: ETS website

Equipment reservations: ETS web form  or Email

Google Apps (email, calendar, mailing lists, file storage)

Collaboratively create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and more.

More info: bConnected web page on G Suite for Education

Support: Email


Gradescope is a suite of online tools designed to make grading faster, easier, and more consistent. It can also reveal valuable statistics about student work.

More info: ETS website

Consultations and support: Email

High-Performance Computing

Berkeley's Savio institutional/condo cluster provides campus researchers with access to state-of-the-art, professionally administered computing systems and ancillary infrastructure.

More Info: Research IT web page on high-performance computing

Online Help: Berkeley Research Help

Consultations: Email

Library Class Instruction

The Library always welcomes faculty and other classroom instructors to request library instruction tailored to their courses and assignments.

More info: Library website and request forms 

Library Instruction and Research Assignment Design

Librarians are available to help teach students to find relevant information, understand scholarly sources, and think critically about information.

More info: Library Website

Consultations: Visit a Librarian

Library workshops

Check out the library workshops calendar for student and faculty learning opportunities related to library databases, citation management, digital scholarship tools, information evaluation, and more. Online Trainings

Students have free access to thousands of courses and online videos covering software, technology, and more from You can link to Lynda videos in your bCourses!

More info: Add videos to bCourses

Access online trainings: portal

Pedagogical Consultations

The CTL provides consulting services for faculty on all aspects of course design, teaching, and evaluating student learning.

More Info: Services and Programs

Consultations: Email

Scholarly Publishing

The Library Scholarly Communications Office provides guidance and support for copyright questions, affordable course content, and digital publishing platforms.

More info: Library Scholarly Communications website

Consultations: Email

Secure Data Storage, Access, and Sharing

Research Data Management consultants can help you through the lifecycle of your research.

More info: RDM website

Consultations: Email

Streaming Video

The Library has several tools to assist instructors with selecting videos, using clips, and making media accessible to students outside of class. 

More info: Library guide to video streaming and clipping for instructors and students

Consultations: Email

Videoconferencing (Zoom, Hangouts Meet)

Videoconferencing enhances collaboration and reduces travel costs and our carbon footprint. Find out which option will work best for you.

Web accessibility

For anyone managing a website or publishing content online, Berkeley offers resources, tools, and support to help ensure content is accessible to people with disabilities, including those who use assistive technologies.

More information: Web accessibility website

Support and consultations: Email

Workshops on Pedagogical Topics

CTL consultants deliver and facilitate workshops for faculty groups across campus on a variety of teaching and learning topics.

More info: Workshops Special Topics

Consultations: Email