[WEBINAR] Are You at Risk? Identifying Web Accessibility Gaps at Your Organization

June 29, 2016, 11:00am to 12:00pm

Open to: Anyone from the campus community who is interested in and/or works on web accessibility is invited to the viewing of this webinar.

Description (from the webinar presenters, 3Play Media):

With recent lawsuits, updates to legal standards, and an increasing number of DOJ & OCR inquiries for inaccessible IT, web accessibility is on a lot of organizations' minds. But how can you tell whether or not your website, web application, or native app is meeting accessibility requirements?

In this webinar, Mike Paciello, founding partner of The Paciello Group, will discuss accessibility gap analysis, a critical step in building – or fixing – accessibility at your organization. Taking a high-level approach, he will cover strategies for evaluating your current level of accessibility, identifying areas of risk, and developing a plan to achieve compliance with web accessibility standards.

This presentation will cover:

  • An overview of major accessibility laws and standards 
  • Assessing your website or native app's current level of accessibility 
  • Identifying vulnerabilities 
  • Tips for filling in the gaps 
  • Developing a roadmap to accessibility compliance


Registration is not required.

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