Research IT Reading Group: The global compute facility of the ALICE experiment

May 30, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Intended audience: 
Academic Support Staff, Faculty, Graduate Students
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The ALICE experiment at the LHC operates a global compute facility with over more than 70 individual sites in 30 countries to handle its data processing and analysis tasks. The facility routinely manages about 150,000 concurrent serial jobs and includes a 75 PB, globally distributed, disk-based data storage system to support data processing.  Each site is operated independently but is integrated into the larger system using a few site services that interact with the ALICE central services at CERN and the local cluster. The talk will give an overview of the facility design and operation from the viewpoints of the central services, site operations, and the scientists who interact with the facility to achieve their science goals.  


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Research IT (RIT)

Series description

The Research IT Reading Group has met biweekly since April 2013 to discuss topics touching support of research at UC Berkeley. Topics typically rotate among:

  • campus researchers describing and discussing their computational and data-intensive research practices and needs;
  • evaluation of new research methods, technologies, and campus services as candidates for support based on fit to Berkeley researchers’ needs and feasibility; and,
  • avenues for collaboration among research support organizations, on campus and nationally, aimed at reaching and assisting a broader community of UC Berkeley domains and researchers.

Reading / review materials are provided a week ahead of each scheduled meeting, which may include peer-reviewed or conference papers, slide presentations, project or technology web sites, etc. 

You are welcome to bring your lunch. Watch the AIS website or subscribe to the mailing list to receive information about the readings (usually sent out a week in advance).