Research IT Reading Group: Approaches to Preservation and Storage

February 21, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Intended audience: 
Academic Support Staff, Faculty, Graduate Students
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The UC Data Network (UCDN) is a partnership between the California Digital Library (CDL) and campus libraries, CIOs and VCRs to build a sustainable and reliable network for sharing research data. In the UCDN, campuses contribute preservation storage to a common pool for use by CDL’s Dash data publication service and Merritt preservation repository for managing, preserving, and providing access to a growing collection of UC research data.

UC researchers face new obligations for proactive and sustainable research data management in the form of funder mandates, publication requirements, institutional policies, and evolving norms of academic best practice. While some researchers have access to appropriate disciplinary repositories, these opportunities are not uniformly available across the UC community. By relying upon in-kind contribution of storage capacity rather than direct campus recharge, UCDN removes the primary barrier to wider campus adoption of Dash and Merritt, which can now be offered for use at no cost to individual researchers.

John Chodacki, Director of the University of California Curation Center (UC3) at CDL, will give an overview of UCDN activities and solicit suggestions for potential improvements or added-value research data management services.


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Series description

The Research IT Reading Group has met biweekly since April 2013 to discuss topics touching support of research at UC Berkeley. Topics typically rotate among:

  • campus researchers describing and discussing their computational and data-intensive research practices and needs;
  • evaluation of new research methods, technologies, and campus services as candidates for support based on fit to Berkeley researchers’ needs and feasibility; and,
  • avenues for collaboration among research support organizations, on campus and nationally, aimed at reaching and assisting a broader community of UC Berkeley domains and researchers.

Reading / review materials are provided a week ahead of each scheduled meeting, which may include peer-reviewed or conference papers, slide presentations, project or technology web sites, etc. 

You are welcome to bring your lunch. Watch the AIS website or subscribe to the mailing list to receive information about the readings (usually sent out a week in advance).