AIS Event Policies

The AIS is closed until further notice due to guidance from campus leadership, but we are happy to discuss supporting your virtual event in the meantime - please email us to start the conversation or fill out our Virtual Event Request Form!

We wish you the best and hope that you stay safe and healthy in this time.


  • We welcome all events that promote academic innovation on the Berkeley campus. Please review our eligibility guidelines and booking procedure for hosting an event in the Academic Innovation Studio. 

  • We do not charge for the use of AIS spaces during normal operating hours (M-F 9am-5pm). Your cooperation with the policies outlined below allows us to continue to offer the AIS as a free resource to the UC Berkeley campus community.

  • All events must be approved in advance by the AIS Program Manager or other appropriate staff. Events outside of normal operating hours are approved on a limited basis and subject to availability of student staff.

  • Events must abide by Campus Events Policies.

  • AIS spaces are wheelchair accessible and assistive technology is available for events.

Event Logistics

  • All event guests must enter through the AIS main entrance (Dwinelle 117). When advertising your event, please list the location as Dwinelle 117. The doors in the large event space are to be used for exit only.

  • We ask that all guests sign in as they enter using the AIS sign-in mechanism. It will ask guests to scan their Cal ID or provide their email address, and some basic information. It will make signing in during subsequent visits much quicker and is part of our efforts to keep track of how the space is being used. If you would like more detailed information or discuss alternative sign-in methods, please indicate it on the booking request form or write us an email.

Event Support

  • AIS Student Staff will assist with setting up and breaking down large events, but this is limited to moving furniture within the AIS space and light housekeeping. Please note that we have limited resources to support large events.

  • Hosts are expected to clean up after their event and provide all necessary supplies (e.g., pens, markers, post-it notes, large easel pads as well as plates, napkins, cutlery, cups, etc.).

  • Please allow at least 30 minutes between events for set-up and break-down; more for events that require extra effort. For large events (>30 people), we ask that event hosts provide sufficient staff or volunteers to set up / break down the space with minimal assistance from AIS Student Staff.


  • When you submit your event request form, please indicate if advance registration is required. We strongly prefer to handle registration through the AIS website, and we will make registration information available to you upon request (please allow 72 hours after an event for a complete list of participants).

  • If you would like to use your own registration system, we ask that you provide a URL and share registrant information with us for tracking purposes. (We will not use this information to subscribe people to an email list or in any other way that violates their privacy.) Please bring a printed copy of your registration list to the event.

  • If registration is not required, participants will still be asked to sign in as they enter the AIS. This information can be made available to the host upon request after an event.

Food & Drink

  • Food and drink are allowed in all AIS spaces. If requested, a table will be set up (usually in the back of the room) for serving. For Dwinelle 127, please confine your event to the reserved space so as not to disrupt other activities that are taking place in the AIS.

  • Event hosts are responsible for ordering, scheduling, and receiving food/drinks. Hosts are also responsible for cleaning up after their event, including removing any trash. Please be considerate of others.

  • We have a goal of zero waste in the AIS. To that end,
    • Please do not bring in single-use plastic or styrofoam, including single-serving creamers for coffee.
    • If possible, use reusable serving utensils and containers.
    • Please avoid excessive packaging and quantities.
    • We ask your cooperation in ensuring that guests dispose of waste in the appropriate receptacles.
    • We have several pitchers available for water that can be used upon request.
    • If possible, please speak to your caterer about these policies and use caterers recommended by Cal Zero Waste.

  • All food, drink, and paper goods must be removed at the end of your event. We recommend donating leftovers to the Food Pantry on the basement level of MLK Student Union.

Room Specifications

  • Large Event Space (Dwinelle 127)

    • HD projector + speakers (laptop audio) + projection screen

    • Multiple digital displays (55-inch + 40-inch) on two sides of the room

    • AV “black box” to support multiple inputs/outputs 

    • Podium and raised chair

    • AirTame for wireless display (requires app download prior to event)

    • Display options include:

      • Projector only

      • All displays

      • Select displays

    • No designated videoconferencing system (we recommend using BlueJeans, app must be downloaded in advance)

    • Movable whiteboards (10 panels)

  • Workshop Room (Dwinelle 128)

    • 50-inch digital display (HDMI, VGA, DVI)

    • AirTame wireless support (requires app download prior to event)

    • Lifesize conferencing hardware (get model + instructions)

    • Wall-mounted whiteboards

  • Consultation Rooms (Dwinelle 117A and 117B)

    • 50-inch digital display

    • Phone

  • Instructions for controlling digital displays/projectors


  • Event recording: Hosts are welcome to bring in their own equipment or contract with Berkeley AV Services. The AIS does not currently provide equipment or support for recording.

  • If you think your event may run later than your scheduled time, please check with AIS Front Desk staff BEFORE your event starts to see if there is a conflict. Otherwise, please allow enough time in your reservation for guests to exit and to clean up afterwards.

  • Event promotion: Depending on the nature of your event, we may share event details (description, audience, etc.) on our events calendar (in the AIS and on the website) and via social media outlets as appropriate. Please provide a concise yet detailed description when you submit your request form.

Links to Campus Event Resources, Policies, and Forms