Moving from Red to Green: Ally in bCourses (5/20)

May 20, 2021, 1:00pm to 2:15pm
Intended audience: 
Academic Support Staff, Faculty, Graduate Student Instructors, Graduate Students, Instructors

Ever wonder about the red indicators next to your bCourses files? The Ally tool provides instructors with visual indicators (students do not see the indicators) gauging the accessibility of files and assigns an accessibility score. Attend this workshop to learn how to improve the accessibility of your bCourses files so students using assistive technologies can better access content. For an overview of this tool visit

In addition to providing accessibility indicators, the Ally tool also converts files to HTML, EPUB, electronic braille, MP3 (audio), and over 30 translated languages. This supports students with disabilities, English language learners, and students who prefer to engage with learning materials on mobile devices.

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Series description

Digital Learning Services is excited to offer workshops focused on creating accessible documents.  These workshops provide opportunities for hands-on participation, covering common software (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Acrobat), specialized software for remediation (Ally in bCourses) as well as best practices for inclusive design. 

Participants will leave each workshop with a list of resources to assist them in future remediation efforts. 

For more information on accessible course content, please visit and the Digital Learning Services Accessibility Hub.