Google Higher Education Workshop

April 10, 2019, 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Intended audience: 
Academic Support Staff, Faculty, Graduate Students, Instructors, Post-doctoral students, Researchers

Come learn directly from a team of trainers about new Google products for higher education as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of Google Drive, docs, mail, and calendar. This two-hour, interactive session allows you to get hands on with Tour Creator, a new virtual reality creation tool, Jamboard, an interactive whiteboard that works for remote collaboration, and other products. 

Participants will learn best practices for using Google solutions for immersive learning, improving collaboration, streamlining communication, and optimizing their workflows. We’ll cover a number of new initiatives, ranging from how campuses are using Google’s virtual and augmented reality platforms to provide students access to new experiences, to the latest productivity and collaboration tools that promote interactive learning and improve student engagement.

This event will be interactive, and attendees are encouraged to bring personal devices so they can participate and do hands-on practice. During our product training sessions, we will cover a number of initiatives, including Tour Creator, a new virtual reality creation tool, Jamboard, an interactive whiteboard with a free corresponding app, and Course Kit, Google’s latest integration with learning management systems.

This workshop will be led and presented by the Google for Education team.

NOTE: for those not available to attend in person, we have added a remote videoconferencing option. Please download Zoom ahead of time and mute your microphone.

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