Accessible Microsoft Word Documents

September 17, 2018, 9:00am to 11:00am
Intended audience: 
Academic Support Staff, Graduate Students, Instructors

Making your course content accessible is important, and there are powerful tools built right into commonly used applications such as Microsoft Word. 

This workshop will cover the basics of how screen readers work, instructions for configuring your version of Word, and some simple steps for applying styles, adding metadata (descriptive tags), and exporting to Adobe Acrobat. No previous experience required!



Registration is unavailable. Registration closed on September 16, 2018 - 5:00pm.

Series description

Digital Learning Services is excited to offer workshops focused on creating accessible documents.  These workshops provide opportunities for hands-on participation, covering common software (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Acrobat), specialized software for remediation (Ally in bCourses) as well as best practices for inclusive design. 

Participants will leave each workshop with a list of resources to assist them in future remediation efforts. 

For more information on accessible course content, please visit and the Digital Learning Services Accessibility Hub.

PLEASE NOTE: These workshops take place in different locations on campus. Please check the location of the specific event(s) you would like to attend.