Love Data Week 2021

Intended audience: 
Academic Support Staff, Faculty, Graduate Student Instructors, Graduate Students, Instructors, Post-doctoral students, Researchers, Student Services Staff

Bright pink graphic featuring white text. On the left is a graph line forming a heart, with #LoveData21 underneath. Next to the heart, the image reads Love Data Week 2021, February 8 through 12, University of California, Berkeley.

Celebrate Love Data Week by joining us for a series of events from February 8 through February 12, 2021. This year, the UC campuses are partnering to celebrate this nationwide campaign designed to raise awareness and build community around research data. Tune in for sessions that explore topics related to data ethics, data security, and much more!

Students, faculty, researchers, librarians, and data specialists are invited to attend these events to gain hands-on experience, learn about resources, and engage in discussions around data needs throughout the research process. 

All members of the UC community are invited to attend.

Visit the UC Berkeley Love Data Week 2021 event page to see what other sessions will be offered UC-wide!

Please reach out to with questions.