AIS Partners

A core value of the AIS is to create and nurture partnerships and communities that connect visitors to each other and to a seamless support experience across a variety of campus service providers.  We collaborate with both key support partners and program partners. 

AIS Support Partners

Partners bringing their services together to provide integrated guidance include:


bConnected provides online services to help you easily collaborate and share information across campus and around the world. The bConnected suite of services includes G Suite for Education (bMail, bCal, bDrive, bConnected Lists), BoxCalSharebCourses Project Sites.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with faculty to inspire, enrich, and innovate UC Berkeley’s collective practice and pursuit of teaching excellence.

  • CTL website
  • Schedule a consultation or request support via email
  • Subscribe to Teach-net (moderated email list for discussions about teaching at Berkeley)


D-Lab helps Berkeley faculty, staff, and graduate students move forward with world-class research in data intensive social science. D-Lab provides cross-disciplinary resources for in-depth consulting and advising, access to staff support, and training and provisioning for software and other infrastructure needs.

Digital Humanities@Berkeley (DH@B)

Digital Humanities at Berkeley builds capacity in teaching and research among faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, librarians, curators, and postdoctoral scholars. The project is designed to integrate the digital humanities into the central academic enterprise of the university while also taking advantage of opportunities to expose digital scholars to contexts that lie outside the academy. Centered in the Division of Arts and Humanities, the project also benefits from partnerships with a broad range of Berkeley entities, including a long-standing partnership with Research IT (RIT).

Digital Learning Services

Digital Learning Services is comprised of two teams, Instructional Design & Media and Learning Environments & Tools, who support faculty use of digital technologies and tools to support faculty in their pursuit of effective teaching and learning at Berkeley.

Educational Technology Services (ETS)

ETS enhances and supports the UC Berkeley academic experience by providing essential, responsive and innovative technology services. ETS services include classroom technology support, audiovisual expertise and support, and instructional technology facilities. 


The UC Berkeley Library connects students and scholars to the world of information and ideas. The Library supports the teaching, research, and instructional needs of UCB faculty and students, holds over 12 million volumes, and includes 24 subject specialty libraries.

Research IT

Research IT provides research computing technologies, consulting, and community for the Berkeley campus. Our goal is to advance research through IT innovation. Berkeley Research Computing provides services and consulting related to high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, and analytical environments on demand.  The Research Data Management program, a partnership with the UC Berkeley Library, provides services and consulting in support of the diverse research data needs across campus.  Research IT partners with campus museums to support the CollectionSpace collection management system.  Research IT is also an active partner in the Digital Humanities program.

AIS Program Partners